Monday, December 10, 2018


Vibac confirms its leadership with its continuous investments in R&D to develop new high-tech products.

Our main goal is to understand the requests of the market and the needs of those consumers that use our products every day.

The result is the ability to innovate by presenting products that can be recognized both thanks to their formulation and to their high performance in any application.

PRACTICO is the latest solution for carton sealing, conceived and developed by our laboratories.

Practico combines the advantages of the solvent free, acrylic technology with the practicality of manual cutting: no need of scissors or cutters!

Practico is a 35 µm backing BOPP tape, writable, printable and low noise.

It is available as transparent, white and brown.

Thanks to its high mechanical resistance and adhesion, it is suitable for all cardboard surfaces, for medium and large boxes.

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