General Information about BOPP Film


Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film (BOPP)
BOPP Polypropylene VIFAN film is manufactured either from polypropylene resins or modified polypropylene resins.
The polymer used in its manufacturing, polypropylene, is derived from petroleum and consists only of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

"Biaxially oriented" means that the film is stretched in two different directions. Orientation brings about several changes in the film, such as lower elongation (harder to stretch), higher tensile strength for a given thickness, greater stiffness, improved optical properties and improved barrier to water/gases. When sealing properties are required, they can be obtained by co-extruding skin layers of different modified polymers.



VCOAT: BOPP Coated Film
BOPP Polypropylene coated VCOAT film is manufactured from different coating (Acrylic, LTS, PVdC, PVOH, ecc) on one side or both external surfaces.
Coatings are usually used to enhance the barrier to oxygen, moisture or aromatic properties of the film. In addition, some coatings have a low seal threshold which allows faster running on packaging machines. Many coatings also give superior gloss to enhance pack aesthetics.

VMET: BOPP Metallized Film
Metallized film is obtained through a vacuum  vapor deposition, a process of combining metal with a non-metallic substrate through evaporation.
Metallizing a film typically increases barrier values 10-fold over non-coated/non-metallized film,
The aluminum thickness is measured in angstroms (Å), a unit of length equal to 10−10 m (one ten-billionth of a meter) or 0.1 nanometers (nm) and typically represents less than 0.1 percent of the base film. Generally, metal deposition in packaging applications ranges from 30.5 Å – 500 Å (3.5 – 50 nm).

Technical Data Sheet
The data included in the technical data sheet refers to average values of laboratory tests on samples of our standard production, therefore this document will not represent the product guarantee.

Technical Specification
The film is manufactured on a basis of good manufacturing practice observing all the quality requirements established and guaranteed by VIBAC S.p.A. . The main properties guarantees are listed on the technical specification.

Storage condition
Film Pallets must be kept inside the warehouse, away from the rain and direct sunlight, at a temperature lower than 30°C, in a dry place to limit film decay cause by moisture. It is recommended to leave the product at room temperature for approximately 24 hours before use.

Plastic waste, including BOPP film, can be recycled and reprocessed into products for many different applications. In case of incineration, to recover energy , the product will generate H2O, CO2  and negligible amounts of ash.

However, unlike paper and cellulose products,  BOPP film is not biodegradable.

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