Bopp film Manufacture: Coating Process


The process consists of applying properly formulated micro-layers of coating, that provides  the film with specific barriers and/or sealing properties.
The top-coating (usually acrylic based, EAA or PvdC) are realized in water dispersion and then deposited on BOPP film by  “reverse gravure” technology. In some cases, a preliminary application of a primer is needed, in order to ensure an excellent film-coating adhesion.
Vibac's production equipment (L'Aquila plant) allows the top-coating application on both sides of film in a single step.



Coated film has the following properties:

  • Barrier properties: excellent to water vapour, to the oxygen, to aroma and to Mineral oil.
  • Aspect: superior optical properties
  • Conversion: treatment is not affected by ageing → excellent ink, adhesives and cold sealing adhesion
  • «Runnability»: consistent CoF, wide sealing range, excellent heat sealing strength («hot tack») 




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