Tuesday, January 28, 2020


We have been producing adhesive tapes with a particular sensitivity towards the environment for over 50 years. Our strength is the vertical integration of the production processes, both for bi-oriented polypropylene film and paper.

Thanks to this particular feature distinguishing our company, we are able to introduce (present you) the VGREEN product line, created to promote the circular economy: the saving of raw materials and the reduction of waste.

As specialists in the production of BOPP we studied a formula that guarantees the use of recycled material without affecting the mechanical performances and optical characteristics of the tape.


The first born of the VGREEN family is A-028 tape, made with:


• more than 20% of recycled BOPP

• water-based acrylic adhesive, with reduced environmental impact

• wrapped on recycled paper cores

• printable and available in transparent, white and brown.


The recycled content in the BOPP film is in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14021 and verified by an independent certification body.

Download the documents: Verification Statement    Vibac Declaration

Our commitment to reduce the environmental impact is concrete, join us by choosing VGREEN products.

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