A sustainable and durable growth




Vibac Group is a multinational manufacturer of Bopp Film and adhesive tape. Producing 3 billion sqm of tape and over 110.000 tons of film, Vibac Group stands among the first 6 largest PSA tapes corporation of the world and is amid the 5 largest producers of BOPP.

Our mission is to achieve sustainable and durable growth through the application of our cutting-edge manufacturing technologies while building a culture that gives Customer Satisfaction the highest consideration and priority.

We are a unique combination of Passion and Excellence blended with Tradition and Innovation, in a distinctive mindset that is the basis of Vibac leadership.

Our processes are vertically integrated. We select the best raw materials and, with the passion of a craftsman, we transform them using our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities and groundbreaking solutions.

Our Team supervises the entire process, assuring products are as unique as our Customers, in terms of their performance, innovation, technology and value.

This helps improve performance, optimize costs and ensure quality throughout the lifecycle of Tape and Bopp film.

We offer one of the most complete adhesive tape and BOPP film ranges in the industry. Our dedicated team of talented individuals is ready to accomodate your needs, whatever they may be.

In Vibac the challenge we relish the most is to set ambitious targets and guarantee complete satisfaction for our clients.


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