People are important.
Vi-Involving you!

Getting into the world of Vibac means joining a world-class group, participating in great challenges and in the realization of important projects.
Working together for Vibac means working in one of the world's major business sectors and enhancing your knowledge together with the best professionals in this field.



Entrance to the company is just a step in a continuous learning path, because all those who work for us have the opportunity to continue learning throughout their professional lives, with a multitude of experiences and retraining interventions professional.

Vibac Group employs over 1,000 people worldwide.
Our team represents our most important asset. The variety of our activities offer opportunities for inclusion in numerous employment areas, as well as opportunities for inter-geographical and geographical mobility, which contribute to make the Vibac experience a great professional enrichment.





Check out our available positions, we will be happy to welcome you if your features match our needs. Join our team!