Natural rubber, hotmelt, acrylic


Vibac adhesive tape manufacturing includes different types of adhesive: 

Natural Rubber (solvent based):
Adhesive made up of a mixture of natural rubber (rubber), hydrocarbon and natural resins, as well as several different additives, which are dissolved in hydrocarbon solvents and then completely removed in the coating phase.

Hotmelt (synthetic rubber):
Adhesive consisting of a mixture of synthetic thermoplastic gums, hydrocarbon and natural resins with the addition of various additives; obtained hot and cooled after application to the spreading medium.

Acrylic (water based):
Water based adhesives are based on polymers, usually acrylic, dispersed / emulsified in water, suitably added to. During the spreading phase the water is evaporated. Resistant to heat, resistant to solvents and aging. Less resistant to moisture.

Acrylic (solvent base):
Adhesive made up of acrylic resins in solvent solution. During the coating phase, the solvent is evaporated. Excellent resistance to heat, good adhesion, excellent resistance to aging and moisture. Suitable for external applications.


N.B.: The additives used are mainly pigments, stabilizers and inerts.
There are, in any case, other series of adhesives that, using the various components mentioned above or other types of polymers, may be applied with different methodologies and solvents.
These are mainly used in self-adhesive tapes for specific applications

Our division of adhesive tapes manufacturer use multiple types of backings:

  • BOPP (internal production)
  • PVC
  • Saturated Paper (internal production)
  • MOPP
  • LDPE
  • FOAM

The Vibac division of BOPP film manufacturer, use bi-oriented polypropylene, that is today highly appreciated in many types of industry, for its great performances.

Vibac production operations include also Flexographic Printing abilities (FLEXO).

  • FLEXO printing on the Backing (Surface Printing)
  • Lock-in FLEXO printing (The ink stays between the adhesive and the backing - “sandwich”)

For more information click here: Vi-guide /Backing 

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