To control every single step of the production


IN-house integration

Vertical integration of the manufacturing processes is a distinctive competence of our company. In-house integration of all manufacturing processes is the fundamental reason for Vibac's market leadership, performance consistency and competitiveness.

  • We start with the best raw materials (Polymers and Fibers)
  • BOPP backing films are extruded in our plants (securing performances and quality of the backing)
  • Most of our masking paper is produced in our Paper Mill for masking paper (costs and performance optimization)
  • Masking paper is saturated internally on tailor-made lines (saturation is among all, the process that influences the most the mechanical performance of a paper based tape)
  • All our tapes are coated on high efficiency and high output automatic lines (assuring process reliability and product consistency)
  • Adhesives, release coatings and primers are designed using the best materials and are based on highly tested proprietary formulations
  • Dozens of slitting and converting automatic lines transform our jumbos in rolls in the size and packaging configuration required by our customers (solutions for every need).
  • Fully automatic packaging lines secure the product integrity from our adhesive tape manufacturing plant to our customer warehouses and shelves 

Vibac, being a Bopp film and adhesive tape manufacturer, can easily manage and control every single step of production. Therefore, we can offer competitive prices on tapes with superior Adhesive performances, better Tack, higher Cohesion, better Shear, superior Tensile Strength and optimal Elongation.

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