Saturday, October 22, 2022


Did you know that we are the only European tape producers with total control over our production process thanks to our paper mill? 


Controlling the entire production process of our tapes has always been our primary goal - since the very beginnings of Vibac back in 1967!  


The establishment of our very own innovative paper mill in 2015 consolidates Vibac's integrated production process, allowing prompt, integrated control of the entire manufacturing process of our paper tapes. The quality of our masking tape is derived from our extensive know-how and produced entirely in-house, from the pulp we use all the way through to the finished roll in our client's hands. 


Thanks to our paper mill, we can ensure our paper masking tapes consistently exceed our exceptional quality standards. This increases the ability to deliver superior-performance products, significantly improves the effectiveness of the development process, and enhances the control of the production process. 


To provide you with the best possible product and service, we continuously invest in our paper mill, improving and enhancing our technologies. These efforts are essential to Vibac because they allow us to offer you the following:

  • High-quality raw material 
  • Continuously improved products
  • Steady and consistent supply of masking paper, regardless of unpredictable external market shocks 
  • Consistent volumes and quick deliveries 


Through our efforts, our clients benefit from superior performance in product development, quality, and delivery: our tapes are designed to perform at the highest level right from the start. Most importantly, we do not depend on outside sources; this allows us to provide consistent quality, volumes, and deliveries with short lead times. 


Discover an innovative range of masking tapes capable of delivering optimal performances in every environmental condition, through each application and at highly competitive prices. 


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