Friday, May 5, 2023


Did you know that Vibac offers customizable printed tapes?

Stand out and spread your brand's message with our adhesive tapes!
They can be a unique way of communication to diversify your packaging, boost the perception of your company, and increase overall brand awareness.
Make it your own - the possibilities are endless!

We have made significant investments to prove our leadership in the integrated production of adhesive tapes and have improved our production technologies in the pre-printing sector.
Our company is always seeking new ways to improve our products' quality and increase our operations' efficiency.
Our UTECO machine, with its high-speed and precision printing capacity, is a key tool for achieving these goals.
In addition, our machine allows us to offer our customers short delivery times and excellent quality products.

With the pre-printing (or sandwich-printing) technology, we are able to create high-quality, sharp, and durable prints directly on the backing before applying the adhesive.
Following the coating phase, the ink remains between the film and the adhesive (hence the name sandwich printing) and will not be removable or damaged as it is protected by the film once applied to the boxes.

Our state-of-the-art machines are extremely versatile and enable us to provide excellent printing quality in up to 6 different colors on film support.
We can supply both standard and low-noise tapes in varied thicknesses and sizes, including long-length rolls in different widths.

In addition, we also offer printed paper adhesive tape in ivory and brown color, with the option to print your logo or message in up to 3 colors.
We offer a range of widths and lengths to suit all of your needs, including long-length rolls.

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