Proper Use of Vibac Tape


dispensers, cuts, traction.

After selecting the most suitable tape for the desired use the following information must be observed:

For non-automatic applications, manual dispensers (Hand dispensers) are required to distribute the adhesive tape, avoiding accidental contact of the fingers or other parts of the body with the adhesive mass as much as possible. Contact with the skin may affect the performance characteristics of the product.

Since the performance of the self-adhesive tape also depends on the correct pressure with which it is applied, it is advisable to use suitable dispensers to apply the tape with adequate pressure.

If we use rubber based tape (especially polypropylene) we need to use it with a desk dispenser, they must be grounded to avoid electrostatic discharge when the tape is removed.


Use dispensers with adequate blades to correctly cut off the self-adhesive tape to avoid fraying and uneven cuts.
To avoid clutter and inaccuracy due to elastic stretching of the adhesive tape, it is necessary to minimize the stresses (and thus the elongations) during application. It is recommended that the applicators be properly adjusted.

Automatic rollers

The range of adhesive tapes is different according to the support and the adhesive used, depending on the material, the thickness of the support and then the glue. We can use our tape with manual dispensers or rolls on automatic tapers.

It is recommended to use Hot Melt Polypropylene (PP) ribbons, which provide a good cleavage, and are particularly suitable for carton sealing applications and extensible. Excellent adhesion, good tack, application at room temperature and stored at both high and low temperatures.

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