Storage of Vibac Tape


Conservation methods

After having selected the most suitable tape the desired use, please follow these 

simple rules for correct use and storage.

Conservation methods: duration and environmental conditions

The performance characteristics of self-adhesive tapes are maintained for a period of time that generally exceeds 12 months, unless specified by the manufacturer.

During this period, the storage temperature should be between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, with relative humidity preferably not higher than 65%; It is also advisable to avoid direct exposure to sources of heat and light.
Products, stored at temperatures lower than the above indicated before use, must be reconditioned, ie brought to the temperatures previously highlighted, as long as they are homogeneous.
Extreme environmental conditions must be avoided: extreme temperature variations, very high or low temperatures, excessive humidity.


Functionality of packing
For better tape retention, it is recommended that they are kept in the original packaging. In this way you can avoid direct exposure to sunlight or light sources that negatively affect the aesthetic characteristics and performances.

It is also inappropriate for the tapes to be stored in direct contact with the ground, using structures such as shelves or the same pallets used for handling are highly recomended. Maintaining the conformance of the outer packaging is a good indication of the correct retention of the contained tape.

In storage, it is best not to overlap the packs in excess because the weight can cause permanent deformations not only on the outer packaging, but also on the products contained therein.

Preservation from external agents
Self-adhesive tapes must be protected against damages caused by external agents such as insects, rodents, etc.
Maintaining the original packaging can be effective in reducing these risks.

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